8 de August de 2017

Specialization in Implantodontia

Posted by: Dr. Fabrício Vieira
Doctor of Medical Sciences UERJ; Master and Specialist in Surgery UCCB – SP; Member of the Brazilian College of CTBMF; Professor of the USS Dentistry Course; Coordinator of the Specialization Course in Implant Dentistry CEVO-RJ; Coordinator of the Research Group on Surgery and Implantodontics CNPq / USS.

Faculty: Reynaldo Porcaro, Doctorate in Rehabilitation; Henrique Ferreira, Doctorate in Rehabilitation; Ronildo Dias, Implantodontist; Flávia Abruzzini, Implantodontista; Paula Novaes, Implantodontista; Marcus Martins, Implantodontista; Mário Januário, Implantodontista.

Investment: R $ 300.00 of enrollment plus 18 installments of R $ 850.00 (if the student chooses to submit two articles throughout the course) 18 installments of R $ 1050.00 (if the student chooses to present only one article )

Duration: 24 months
Frequency: monthly – Wednesday to Saturday
Places: 15

Summary program: Theoretical and practical content on all current surgical techniques applied to Implantodontia

– Surgical and Prosthetic Training: theory and practice with companies of Implants and Biomaterials;
– Use of Hemoderivatives (Fibrin) and Venipuncture;
– Reverse Planning in Prosthesis (Introduction in PSI, KEYS, KITS, Instrumental, Multifunctional Guides, Reopening, Tissue Handling, Moldings, Screwed and Cement Prostheses, Occlusion, ASA, Prosthetic Components, Dental Ceramics);
– Guided Surgeries with a partnership of the largest companies in the field (SmartSolutions, COMPASS and P3 Dental).