Specialization in Orthodontics

Ministered by doctors from USP Coordination: Dr. Rafael Henriques Your Name: Prof. Dr. Willian Guirro Prof. Dr. Gustavo Siecola Prof. Dr. Carlos Henrique Guimarães Junior Prof. Dr. Roberto Bombonatti Profª. Dr. Fernanda Pinelli Henriques Investment: Registration of R $ 300,00 Monthly fee: Up to 50 installments of R $ 1008.00 without interest Target Audience: Dental Read more about Specialization in Orthodontics[…]

Specialization in Implantodontia

Posted by: Dr. Fabrício Vieira Doctor of Medical Sciences UERJ; Master and Specialist in Surgery UCCB – SP; Member of the Brazilian College of CTBMF; Professor of the USS Dentistry Course; Coordinator of the Specialization Course in Implant Dentistry CEVO-RJ; Coordinator of the Research Group on Surgery and Implantodontics CNPq / USS. Faculty: Reynaldo Porcaro, Read more about Specialization in Implantodontia[…]