Immersion in Facial Harmonization

Posted by: Drª. Flávia Abruzzini and Dr. Fabrício Vieira Mode: Theoretical / Practical – 20 hours Investment: Registration of R $ 300,00 + R $ 2,200.00 in up to 4 installments Target audience: General dentists Places: 15 Program content: Facial Anatomy – History – Legislation – Indications – Contraindications – Mechanism of Action – Trademarks Read more about Immersion in Facial Harmonization[…]

Immersion in Oral Cancer

Oral diagnosis: pre-malignant lesions and squamous cell carcinoma Posted by: Drª. Jeanne Guimarães Date: May 25th and 26th Specialist in Stomatology Type: Theoretical / Practical Investment: Registration R $ 300,00 + 1,200.00 in up to 3 installments Target Audience: Dental Surgeons and Dentistry Academics Places: 20 Program content: – Stomatology – Diagnosis – Additional examinations Read more about Immersion in Oral Cancer[…]

Immersion in Bichectomy

Posted by: Dr. Bruno Menezes He holds a degree in Dentistry from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (2012). Has experience in the area of ??Dentistry, with emphasis in Dental Clinic and BMF Surgery and Traumatology. Resident of Buco-Maxillofacial Surgery and Traumatology of the Regional Hospital of Agreste, Caruaru-PE (2013-2016). Professional Improvement in Read more about Immersion in Bichectomy[…]

Immersion in Self-ligating Devices

Taught by: Dr. Lucas Carvalho and Dr. Fabiano Guerra Date: June 30 Investment: Matrícula R $ 300,00 + 900,00 Target Audience: Dental Surgeons and Dentistry Academics Places: 12 Program content: – Introduction to the Accessories system Self-ligating; – Phases of treatment; – Wire protocol; – Presentation of clinical cases; – Laboratory: theoretical-demonstrative. Sign up

Habilitation in Biomaterials and Fibrin Autologous Leucoplaquetary and Venipuncture

Posted by: Dr. Fabrício Vieira Type of studies: Theoretical / Laboratory Investment: registration R $ 100,00 + R $ 700,00 in cash or 2 x 400,00 Target audience: General dentists Summary program: – History of Hemoderivatives – Applications in the area of Health – Applications in Dentistry – Protocols for obtaining polymerized fibrin (membranes and Read more about Habilitation in Biomaterials and Fibrin Autologous Leucoplaquetary and Venipuncture[…]

Socket-Shield Technique Course

Taught by: Dr. Dárcio Luiz Fonseca Date: September 2017 Investment: Matrícula R $ 300,00 plus R $ 1200,00 divided in up to 4 times Working hours: 24 hours (divided into 2 days) Places: 20 students Summary program: Technique of implant placement with preservation of the vestibular part of the root. Sign up

Training in Hormones in Dentistry

Ministered by: Drª. Cristina Leite – CRO-sp 84281 She holds a bachelor’s degree in dentistry from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas, a specialist in implantology at ABO Campinas, and is the coordinator of the odontological team of the hotel trade in Campinas and in the Region, and idealizer of the Vivasta concept. Dr. Clarice Read more about Training in Hormones in Dentistry[…]